Suhas Guntuku

Suhas has ideated the whole project with his co-founders and conducted research on demand, supply and need analysis for bringing all the stakeholders of education onto a single platform. He has also co-ordinated the development of web application. He has negotiated fund raising with an angel investor to raise a seed capital of $72,000. Suhas’s other ventures include Cappuccino Cinemas and Snack Raid.

Cappuccino Cinemas: Suhas and his team at Cappuccino Cinemas have produced 7 short films and an Independent film. He has worked as a director for 4 films out of the 8 films and was the Director of Photography and the Editor for all the 8 films. Link to his YouTube Channel:
SnackRaid: SnackRaid was a food delivery portal in Manipal Institute of Technology, working in the hostel premises and mainly focused to fulfil the midnight food cravings of the hostel students. Suhas has joined the team in his first year as the CEO along with a couple of senior year students who were already working on it. He was instrumental in generating revenue of around 4 Lakhs just in the hostel area before closing the operations