We Strive For Your Success

The most important milestone in every one’s life is to choose a career path which he or she is passionate about. Integrated information about all the options along with constant handholding for the students is very critical for their success. SectorSeven presents an end to end suite through it personalised online platform and offline E-nnovation Hubs across India to equip students to become a Successful Professionals in their chosen field.

Life is all about making wise choices, taking right decisions at right time.

One of the following questions crosses through the mind one time or the other

1. I am interested in becoming a Doctor but my parents want me to be an Engineer.

2. I am in my 8th Std, I don't know which career I should pursue.

3. I am interested in engineering, but which branch do I choose?

4. I am in my 10th Std, when I grow up I want to start my own venture. How to equip myself with the required knowledge and tools?

5. I love playing Badminton, can I make a career out of it?

6. I love playing with numbers and I forget myself while solving problems, should I pursue Mathematics as a career or is there something else where I can excell?

7. I am interested in designing Cars, Aeroplanes and lot of other stuff, how do I pursue a career in designing?

8. My son draws great sketches, I feel his paintings are magnificent, should I encourage him to take a painting as career?

9. My son is interested in music and composing songs, how to streamline he talent?

10. I want to become a Pilot, How?

11. I have a great business idea, whom should I approach?

12. My grandson is interested in the mysteries of the Universe, can he pursue it as a career?

13. As a parent I do not have comprehensive information about the various careers across the globe,

14. I want to pursue politics as a career, how?

15. I love coding, how and where I can enhance my skills to build a career?

16. My son is passionate about dance, how to make a career out of his passion?

17. My daughter is neither interested in maths nor in any kind of sciences, what are the other great career options available? [ Just to give an example- there should be a kid’s image and then Maths has to be shown but she will cross it as she doesn’t like it, same with science .. and kid should be shown curious to other available options where we display other options scrolling/fade in fade out]

18. My grandson is interested in history of the World, how to pursue career in it?

19. I want to be better than Satya Nadella and Sundar Pichai, so how do I plan for It?

20. I want to become the Chief Justice of India, can anyone suggest a roadmap?

21. I would like to become a management consultant, what kind of options are available?

22. I would like to work with United Nations, how do I mould myself to do that?

23. I want to create the most innovative products, can anyone guide me?

24. My dream is to become a Social Scientist and work for the nation, what courses should I pursue to realize my dream?