Dr. Abha

Abha is an Assistant Professor of Instruction at the Department of Computer and Information Sciences in Temple University. Before joining Temple, she was working as a Post doctoral Researcher at the Penn Neuro degeneration Genomics Center in the University of Pennsylvania. Abha’s research interests include gene expression and GWAS analysis, machine learning, and data visualisation. Abha got her PhD from the Department of Computer Science, National University of Singapore, where she was advised by Prof. Limsoon Wong. In the final year of my PhD, she was a visiting scholar at the Vadigepalli Labin Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia.As a part of her PhD, she developed approaches for the normalization and computational analysis of gene expression samples containing undeclared heterogeneity – either arising from diversity in underlying biological mechanisms,or from technical variation such as batch effects. At Jefferson, she applied these techniques on large-scale RNA-Seq and micro array datasets, especially focussing on liver diseases. Abha brings in her technical expertise to SectorSeven and guides the organization in terms of user experience.